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La Ceiba, Honduras to Granada, Nicaragua

March 25, 2012

Since many backpackers mainly go to Utila to scuba when they visit Honduras, I’m assuming that many of them who are heading to Nicaragua will take a similar route I took. I’m hoping this post will be helpful to those planning their trip with the same route.

I took the 6:20 AM ferry from Utila (it was actually more like 7:00 AM as it was late) and arrived in La Ceiba around 8:00 AM. From …

Learning to Scuba Dive in Utila

March 18, 2012

While I was in Guatemala I met a lot of travelers heading to Honduras, mainly to Utila in the Bay Islands to scuba dive or learn how to.

Utila is one of the cheapest places (if not, the cheapest) to dive or learn how to dive, making it very popular with backpackers. Almost everyone I met who has done diving before absolutely loves it. This made me very jealous as I really wanted to try …