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12 Days in Berlin, Germany

September 27, 2013

Berlin was one of the cities I was looking forward to visiting as I’ve read about it being a digital nomad hub with a reasonably low cost of living for a western European capital.

When I arrived in Berlin, I actually felt a bit of disappointment as the area I was staying in didn’t look very nice (I found out later that it was actually considered a pretty dodgy area). I also thought the prices …

Breaking a 500 euro note in Germany

September 19, 2013

I somehow managed to get a hold of a 500 euro note when I was in Serbia as I paid for someone’s plane ticket and he paid me back part of it in euro. I normally wouldn’t accept such a huge bill as I figured it would be a pain to spend, but he didn’t have enough smaller bills so I took it.

The 500 euro note is one of the highest value notes in …