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Living in Barcelona, Spain

February 9, 2014

I knew a few months ahead of time that I’ll be ending my round-the-world trip in Barcelona, Spain. The main reasons being that airfare from Barcelona to New York is fairly low compared to other cities and I was told that weather here is still great through late October. Barcelona is also known to be a very lively city with lots of things going on every day and a good place to meet people from …

A hidden spot in Barcelona: ‘El Bunker’

November 18, 2013

During my second week in Barcelona, I went to a Couchsurfing event and was chatting with a girl who told me about this place called “bunkers”, an old Spanish civil war bunker on top of a hill built in the 30s. She’d been living here for a few months now and told me it’s the best view of Barcelona she’d seen, even better than the view from Parc Guell, probably the most famous park in …