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Living in Bangkok, Thailand

August 3, 2013

A lot of travelers I’ve met along the way told me they didn’t like Bangkok. They said it was too busy, or too crazy, or too hot, too dirty, etc. Maybe they just don’t like big cities. But my guess is most of them just didn’t spend enough time here to really experience the city.

Bangkok is a big transportation hub in Southeast Asia and many travelers end up here just ...

A day trip to Ayutthaya, Thailand

July 29, 2013

I was looking at Couchsurfing’s website one day while I was in Bangkok and someone posted something about going to Ayutthaya. I’ve seen similar posts before but I actually had no idea what’s to see there. But since it was pretty close to Bangkok, around 1.5 hours by bus, I decided might as well join.

We decided to do take the train on the way there as it seemed to be ...

How to add additional pages to your US passport in Bangkok, Thailand

June 24, 2013

I finally reached the point where my passport had only one blank page left, thanks to all these visas taking up an entire page each.

I just got 48 additional pages added to my passport today at the US embassy here in Bangkok. The process took less than an hour, but cost me $82 USD. You can choose to have 1 insert (24 pages) or 2 (48 pages) added. Cost is the same. I heard ...

Getting work done in Chiang Mai, Thailand

May 20, 2013

I spent 2 months in Chiang Mai this year, making this city the most I’ve ever spent time in during my round-the-world trip. I wanted to stay put in one place for a while and get some work done and Chiang Mai seemed like a great place to do it.

It’s a very popular place for digital nomads working on projects for the following reasons:

  • low cost of living
  • more relaxed atmosphere compared ...

Celebrating Songkran 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

April 19, 2013

I came to Chiang Mai without even knowing about this festival called “Songkran.” Songkran is basically Thailand’s New Year’s Day celebration (except it’s 3 days long), and probably the biggest and most famous festival in the country.

It’s officially celebrated on April 13-15, but you can see people celebrating it a day early. You celebrate this festival by throwing water at each other while drinking and partying. From what I’ve ...

Cost of Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Month 1)

April 4, 2013

I’ve been living in Chiang Mai for just over a month now. Below are my living expenses from March 4, 2013 – April 3, 2013 (31 days). I’m using an exchange rate of 1 USD = 29.50 THB, which I estimated to be the average exchange rate as the rate during this time fluctuated around 29.20 to 29.90.

My total expense for this period was around $887. I budgeted $1,000/month ...

Searching for an apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand

April 3, 2013

Chiang Mai is a popular city for digital nomads due to the low cost of living, relaxing atmosphere, and lots of coffee shops to work from. Many stay here for a few months to work on projects and renting a fully-furnished apartment monthly is usually the way to go.

It’s good to have some idea of which apartments to check out before arriving in Chiang Mai to speed up the process. I recommend you ...